How To Hire A Car Accident Lawyer in USA in 2023? – Insurance


Hiring a car accident lawyer in the USA in 2023 follows a similar process to what was previously described. However, here’s an updated guide to help you hire a car accident lawyer in the current year:

Gather information about the accident: Collect all relevant information about the accident, such as the police report, medical records, photographs, and any communication with insurance companies. This information will be crucial for the lawyer to assess your case.

Research and shortlist potential lawyers: Look for lawyers specialising in personal injury or car accident cases. Utilise online resources, legal directories, or seek recommendations from trusted sources, such as friends, family, or other professionals.

Check the lawyer’s credentials: Verify the lawyer’s credentials, including their education, experience, and any specialised training in car accident cases. Check their website, online profiles, or state bar associations for information about their track record and any disciplinary actions.

Schedule initial consultations: Contact the lawyers on your shortlist and schedule initial consultations. Many lawyers offer free consultations to evaluate your case and determine if they can assist you effectively.

Prepare for the consultation: Before the consultation, organise your documents and notes related to the accident. Create a summary of the accident, including details of injuries, property damage, and any expenses incurred. Prepare a list of questions to ask the lawyer during the consultation.

Consult with the lawyers: During the initial consultations, discuss your case with each lawyer. Assess their expertise, experience, and communication style. Inquire about their assessment of your case, potential strategies, and the likelihood of success.

Consider experience and expertise: Emphasise the lawyer’s experience and expertise in car accident cases. Ask about their recent case outcomes, settlements, or trial successes. Ensure they have up-to-date knowledge of the relevant laws and regulations.

Discuss legal fees: Inquire about the lawyer’s fee structure during the consultation. Discuss whether they work on a contingency fee basis (taking a percentage of the settlement or award) or if they charge an hourly rate or a flat fee. Clarify any additional costs, such as court fees or expert witness fees.

Review the retainer agreement: If you decide to hire a particular lawyer, carefully review the retainer agreement. Ensure you understand the terms and conditions, including the fee arrangement, responsibilities of both parties, and any potential expenses. Seek clarification for any unclear aspects before signing.

Finalise the hiring process: Once you have selected a car accident lawyer, notify them of your decision to hire their services. They will guide you through the necessary steps to finalise the process, which may include signing the retainer agreement and providing any additional information or documentation.

Keep in mind that the specifics of the hiring process can vary depending on the lawyer and jurisdiction. It’s crucial to maintain open communication with your chosen lawyer, provide them with all relevant information, and cooperate throughout the legal process to achieve the best possible outcome for your case.

FBR extended the deadline for income tax returns filing

Chambers and associations have requested that the FBR extend the deadline for filing income tax returns, which is set to expire on September 30, 2022.

In a letter to the Finance Minister, Karachi Chamber of Commerce and Industry (KCCI) President Muhammad Idrees asked that the FBR extend the deadline for filing income tax returns from September 30, 2022, to December 31, 2022, in light of the unusual situation that has emerged across the nation as a result of recent rainfall and flash floods.

He claimed that people from various walks of life and members of the commercial and industrial community frequently approached the chamber to request that the deadline be extended until December 31, 2022.

“Due to the imposition of an import ban, which was followed by an unusual situation all over the country emerging after torrential rainfalls and flashfloods, taxpayers, particularly members of the business and industrial community, are facing a lot of problems,” he said.

It was well known that all business, commercial, agricultural, and other activities in flood-affected areas had come to a halt, causing serious cashflow issues, and that it would take at least two months to return to normalcy.

In this scenario, it has become unavoidable to provide relief to loyal taxpayers in the form of an extension in the last date; therefore, keeping in mind the ground realities, he requested the Finance Minister to direct the FBR to extend the last date for filing income returns to December 31, 2022, which will be widely welcomed by loyal taxpayers across the country.

Additionally, the portal for filing returns has some bugs that tax professionals claim have not yet been fixed.

Recently, the Karachi Tax Bar Association (KTBA) called attention to issues with the online return form. It stated that because the income tax Return Form does not have a column for the adjustment of bringing forward capital losses under the head of capital gains, the tax on capital gains cannot be calculated properly.

The Tax Credits Annexure of income tax returns for salaried individuals accidentally includes the Column of Tax Credit for Specified Industrial Undertakings u/s 65G of the Income Tax Ordinance, 2001, even though there is no relationship between the two.

Although the rate of tax on contract receipts under section 153 was lowered from 7.5% to 7.0% for Tax Year 2022, the return for TY 2022 that is published on IRIS does not include a column reflecting the lower rate.

The final SRO 1733(1)/2022 was released on September 13, 2022, however the draught manual return forms for individuals and AOPs for the tax year 2022 were released belatedly on August 26, 2022. As a result, just 17 days—insufficient under the law—have been given to file the manual returns.

The IRIS portal is calculating incorrect tax liability on gain on sale of immovable properties, which is a violation of section 37(1A) of the income tax Ordinance, 2001, and must be corrected as soon as possible.

The IRIS portal calculates incorrect tax on profit/yield on Bahbood Certificates, Pensioner’s Benefit Accounts, and Shuhada Family Welfare Accounts, in violation of clause (6) of Part-III, 2nd Schedule of the Income Tax Ordinance, 2001, which states that tax shall not exceed 10% of such profit/yield.

Due to the lack of an option list in the drop downs for country and currency under Code “7006” with the description “Investment (Non-Business) (Account / Annuity / Bond / Certificate / Debenture / Deposit / Fund / Instrument / Policy / Share / Stock / Unit, etc.),” a taxpayer is unable to file the Foreign Income & Assets Statement under section 116A(1) of the Ordinance.

“Reconciliation of Net Assets” displays opening wealth. Despite the fact that the taxpayer’s residency status is selected as “non-resident” for Tax Year 2022, he should not be required to file the wealth statement, which includes net asset reconciliation, under code ‘703002’.

The withholding rates on dividend payments of 7.5 percent, 15%, and 25% (under Section 150 of the Ordinance) appear in the income tax Return Form of “Income for a person deriving income solely from salary and other sources,” but Column Code 64330052 (Dividend u/s 150 @25%) is missing.

By Finance Act, 2020, a provision was added to section 22(2) of the Tax Ordinance that reduced depreciation on additions to fixed assets made after 01-Jul-2020 by 50%. When entries related to written down values are entered as opening values in the depreciation schedule, the IRIS calculates depreciation at 50% of total values.

8 Best Baby Safety Helmets and Head Protector for Toddlers

Every parent knows that babies are the most precious and delicate thing in this world. They need to be protected at all times, even when crawling or standing up by themselves.

That’s why we put together a list of the best 8 baby safety helmets and head protectors for crawling as well as standing up as an additional resource for you to check out.

Table of Contents

What Is the Purpose of a Baby Safety Helmets

baby safety helmet is a product that protects the head of infants and toddlers during falls. This unique, innovative product has been created to protect those little ones just starting to walk or crawl around the house.

Baby safety helmets work by surrounding their heads with a protective shell that can withstand impact from falling stairs, off tables, furniture, etc.

Helmets and their Potential Risks

Baby Safety Helmets and Head Protector
Baby Safety Helmets and Head Protector

Many parents believe that a baby safety helmet will protect their child from any potential dangers in today’s society.

However, this may not always be the case, as some babies quickly associate specific actions with pain and stop doing them entirely.

Because of one too many painful incidents occurring within a short time frame while wearing it- even though they were initially excited about exploring!

The worst part is how these children learn so little due to being restricted in what kind of activities can take place without facing the consequences such as those injuries mentioned earlier on…

Keep in Mind

A helmet is a valuable way to avoid the pain of an accident. If your baby has been wearing one, you will know that it is effective as they won’t feel as much discomfort and danger from bumps or falls in general! Some babies take longer than others, though; those who need them can benefit significantly by using these protective gears.

Best baby safety helmets and head protectors for toddlers

The life of infants, toddlers and children are at stake. According to Harvard Health Publishing, 9 out of 10 times head injuries are not severe.

However, it still requires thousands of ER visits each year for babies with no helmet on or small ones who fall stairs while wearing one – this may result in permanent disability if not appropriately treated, so let’s make sure they have the best protection according!

We have put together a list of the 8 best Baby Safety Helmets reviews so that you can find what will work for your family!

1. Safe head BABY Soft Helmet for Babies Learning to Walk

Safe head BABY Soft Helmet

The Safe Head BABY Soft Helmet for Babies Learning to Walk is a unique, patented and award-winning infant helmet that has been developed in the UK.

It is ultra-lightweight, weighing less than 3.5 oz. (100g)! No pressure on growing head or neck muscles, allowing babies to develop naturally.

The helmet features 30+ airflow vents along with a breathable cotton lining that retains limited body heat. Expandable & adjustable to comfortably fit different head sizes.

The Safe Head BABY is a revolutionary soft protective headgear that offers your toddler the protection they need to explore their environment without being afraid of bumping into anything or falling from Heights.

Its patented design has helped countless children learn how to walk and stand confidently while also keeping them safe!


Inner- Cotton lined, Outer -Nylon Spandex and High density closed Cell Foam. The cosy inner lining will keep your teeth nice and warm, while the breathable outer layer keeps them cool on those hot days!

Safety Standard

“Safe Head BABY” is a company that sells baby care products that are all carefully chosen and tested to be non-toxic.

The materials used in the production of these items have been certified by various agencies, including both European Union departments and US standards, making them safe for children while also meeting applicable laws regarding quality control across borders!


It is less than 100g in weight.

Soft and adaptable

Padding is strategically placed for optimal protection.

No pressure on the developing head because it’s ultralight.

Superior airflow and ventilation channels keep body heat in check.

The lining is made of breathable cotton for maximum user comfort.

A large amount of visibility does not obstruct visibility.

Easy head mobility is ensured by the non–bulky design.

V chin strap with a secure soft band for a snug fit

Adjustable and expandable to accommodate a variety of head sizes


 It did not receive washing directions with this item.

2. Joovy Noodle Multi-Sport baby helmet for walking

Joovy Noodle Multi-Sport Helmet

The Joovy Noodle Multi-Sport Helmet is available in two sizes: XS-S (47-52cm) and S-M (52-55cm). This helmet is designed to be used for various activities, including biking, skating, rollerblading, and more.

The extended visor provides maximum protection from the sun. The 14 vents allow air to flow through the helmet keeping your child’s head cool even in warm weather. It also features an adjustable fit dial so you can adjust it as they grow.

Even before your child is old enough to ride a bike, they can use the Joovy Noodle helmet. The safety-oriented product was developed by parents who wanted their little ones exposed early and often to how important it is for them to know and follow all traffic laws while exploring the town or going on an adventure at home with friends!

The helmet should sit low and flat, not tilted forward or backwards. The helmet’s brim is about two fingers in width (approx. 1/2 to 1 inch) above your eyebrow when worn correctly with no pressure on the top edge where it contacts skin at all times!

To adjust tightness for fit around the head, turn the adjustment dial behind the rear band until snug-fitting yokes are achieved – clockwise tightening will cause tighter straps.

At the same time, counterclockwise looseness allows them room enough so that they don’t constrict blood flow too much during activity.


Noodles are made from 100% organic cotton twill, which makes it super soft against delicate skin, ensuring no irritation occurs when securing this adorable accessory onto most heads sizes 18 – 20 .5″/50 – 52 cm (Small) &20 5 2cm(Medium).

We recommend you teach kids young just what precautions need to be taken every time.

Safety Standard

The 36mm Noodle Multi-Sport Helmet is great for any activity that requires some extra protection, whether on or off your bike.

The U.S.-compliant CPSC safety standard means this lightweight lid will keep you safe while also staying true to its goal: making cycling more fun!


There are two sizes available: XS-S. (47-52cm).

Dial for customizing the fit.

An extended visor provides the best possible protection.

Complies with the CPSC safety standard in the United States.

To keep their heads cool, they need to be able to breathe.

An extended visor provides the best possible protection.


It seems like a good product, but it’s way too small for my 15-month-old baby.

Adjustable straps are OK with removable inserts that appear washable.

3. Thud guard Infant/Toddler Protective Safety Hat (Blue)

Toddler Protective Safety Hat

The Thud Guard helmet is the perfect solution for parents looking to protect their baby during falls or other accidents.

Emergency professionals approved this lightweight, sturdy product which were designed after years of researching how children develop cognition skills like walking on hard surfaces.

The Thud guard that is designed to absorb and reduce the impact of head injury due to falls or collisions with children’s height.

It has an adjustable soft elastic chin strap made of plying ultra-lightweight foam that does not press on developing neck muscles.

1/2-inch-thick impact-tested foam absorbs severity in bumps by providing a comfortable stretchy circumference band for growth without sacrificing safety standards. There are no sizes small enough so that everyone can use this helmet!

The design also eliminates the need for extra padded protection if one doesn’t have it already; because you’ll be protected all around your head as well as at contact points like temples, crowns etc. since each side covers up to two-thirds (16″).


This sleek, lightweight and breathable harness is made of high-quality materials to avoid pressure on your developing neck muscles. The adjustable strap means that it will fit most sizes of heads perfectly!

Safety Standard

Thud Guard is a revolutionary impact-resistant case for your phone that has been endorsed by emergency and medical experts.


Encourage the use of bicycle helmets from a young age.

an elastic circumference band that is pleasant to wear

One size fits most thanks to the adjustable strap.

The helmet is relatively light.

It includes a comfortable elastic chin strap that can be adjusted.

My grandson’s head is completely engulfed.

It doesn’t slide off all the time


More holes and a strap cover are required.

4. Soft Baby Helmet for Crawling Learning

Soft Helmet for Babies Learning to Walk

Baby Head Protection Helmet: Our Baby Child Infant Toddler Adjustable Safety Helmet Head guard Protective Cap for Crawling Walking (Blue) by Anairo is a soft, lightweight and comfortable helmet that provides your baby with the protection he needs while learning to walk.

It is designed to be worn during any activity where there may be a risk of head injury. This includes crawling, walking, running, playing on playgrounds or even just around the house.

The padded foam interior makes it very comfortable for your little one to wear, and it will fit perfectly no matter how much they are growing.


A comfortable and durable cap that will fit any size head! It has an elastic band to adjust it depending on where you want your hairline, ensuring a snug but not too tight feel.

The exterior is made from sweat-resistant fabric with ventilated panels, ensuring this product lasts longer than most others in its category without compromising breathability or comfort levels.

Safety Standard

The best way to protect your little one’s head in a car seat is with Super Safety and Shock Absorption.

Multi-layers protect from impacts that could cause injury or even death, such as those caused by jostling around on public transportation; this means you can drive worry-free knowing they’re safe!


Exceptional Quality

Superb shock absorption and safety

Size Can Be Expanded and Adjusted

Scope of Application

Guaranteed for life


Not Dry Clean

5. Xifamniy Baby Soft Toddler Safety Helmet

Xifamniy Baby Soft Safety Helmet

This baby’s head guard is specially designed to keep their delicate little skulls cool, and it has adjustable straps so that the fit can be tailored for any size or shape.

The airflow vents in this toddler helmet allow for optimal ventilation while not being too distracting with spikes on top!

After your baby boy gets used to wearing the soft helmet, you can start using it indoors and out. But don’t worry if he doesn’t like this at first; all kids take some time getting comfortable with things before their minds are made up!


Our baby head protector helmet for girls is made of soft, breathable surface pure cotton fabric. Inner PE foam provides comfort and protection against impact while the lyocell lining ensures that your little one stays cool during summer months or warm in winter with moisture-wicking properties!

The high-quality construction makes this infant’s protective gear lightweight, so they’ll never feel any pressure on their neck either way – even when wearing it for more extended periods outdoors.

Safety Standard

This baby safety helmet for toddlers is the perfect way to keep your little one safe while they learn how to crawl or walk.

It’s made with multi-layer cotton cloth composite material and features a 360-degree complete wrap-around design that can reduce pain in case of falls during these early years!


Design that is both ventilated and adjustable

Shock Absorption and Safety

Material with many layers of high quality

Taking Advantage of Occasions

When Quality and Value Collide

I am pretty delighted with the baby safety helmets.


 Its material is unique, and it is not easy to stain

6. Scoot & Ride Kids Helmet with Adjustable Strap

Scoot & Ride Kids Helmet with Adjustable Strap

The Scoot & Ride is a helmet that can be easily opened and closed by even the youngest children. An innovative magnetic fastener doesn’t trap skin in between layers of safety gear or incorrectly fit onto their heads, which ensures they are always wearing protection correctly!

All helmets come adjustable, so no matter what age you have on hand, this will work just fine for them to stay safe while riding any scooter/rollerblades around town with friends today.


Our baby head protector helmet for girls is made of soft, breathable surface pure cotton fabric with an innovative magnetic fastener that makes it easy to open and close.

The skin-safe material ensures your child’s comfort in this protective gear while they explore their world!

Safety Standard

The Scoot & Ride Kids Helmet is designed with safety in mind. The 100% safe plastics will keep your child safe, while the PVC-free construction makes it environmentally friendly!


The helmet’s size may be adjusted using a wheel.

Shock Absorption as well as safety

A back-lit LED light adds a layer of protection for your youngster.

PVC-free polymers that are completely safe.

Material with several layers of high quality

Taking Advantage of Opportunities

The Value of Quality


The LED light is not in Good Quality

7. SUPPORT Baby Adjustable and Protective Helmets for Toddlers

SUPPORT Baby Adjustable Safety Helmet

This non-toxic material is effective at breathing and absorbs sweat. The lining appears to be made from IXPE foam, which provides enough impact resistance, as well as 4 airflow vents for better cooling of your crawling baby’s head when they are hot from all that activity!

The Y-type head cap provides extra protection for your baby’s delicate neck. The lightweight design weighs just 2 ounces so that it won’t weigh down their fragile frame, and they can still wear this while sleeping or travelling in car seat mode!

The helmet somehow slips backwards during use, though. Must be some design flaw that causes choking and marks on babies’ skin from tight straps. Make your chinstrap triangle a bit wider, so the user is less likely to have these problems!

The redesign would also include making pockets for ears inside this protective gear and tightening them just enough without being too uncomfortable or painful for little ones who wear it every day.

The colours are bright, cheerful and engaging for babies of all ages. From beige to hot pink – there’s a colour option that will delight your little one!

You may also want something subtler, like star blue or grey, which look clean against the backdrop of their room décor, as well as other toys in those drab tones.

If you’re looking for something genuinely unique, though, we recommend opting for our flower-patterned pack with apple shapes made from different shades such as light blue & green plus multi-coloured stars across an antique white background reminiscent.


The helmet is not only super comfortable and stylish but it’s also made of durable fabric. The material has been sourced from 100% cotton that has been produced in such a way as to meet environmental standards!

Safety Standard

This product is so safe it can even be worn around your child without worry. There are no harmful chemicals or toxins. Just give them a priceless gift of peace and tranquillity with this innovative new clothing line!


Cotton is used exclusively.

Design with a single size

Cap with a Y-shape and a comfortable buckle

Anti-vibration substance IXPE

Design with a ventilation hole and a ventilation strip


Chinstraps aren’t always reliable.

A prominent logo and brand name on the front

8. ELENKER Baby Head Protector Helmet

ELENKER Baby Adjustable Safety Helmet

I can’t say that I’m not worried about Brian. He is my baby, and he needs to explore the world, but there are some risks out there like hardwood floors or marble stairs, for example!

My house has concrete which seems safer than most other surfaces because it’s less absorbent; however, anything could happen when you least expect it, so be careful with your child at all times.

The adjustable baby safety helmets from Elenker are the perfect choice for parents looking to keep their little ones cool during the hot summer months. The three large vents allow ample airflow so that kids can stay comfortable even on a warm day!

The Elenker offers a unique visor that is both functional and visually appealing. The magic tape is removed quickly for riding without protection or adjusted to angle your face against forwarding falls in an accident.


The helmet is soft and constructed from 100% cotton, making it a natural choice for protecting the environment without hurting animals or humans in their quest.

The unique mesh (IXPE) promotes shock absorption while also being non-toxic; this means you can wear your favourite bandana underneath because it won’t irritate the skin like other materials might!

Safety Standard

This helmet is not suitable as a bicycle protection cap. This type of headgear can cause too much discomfort and risk for cyclists who need to operate their bicycles quickly, making this form of transportation unsafe with deadly consequences on the roadways!


Expands to accommodate increasing heads

Affordably priced and with excellent shock absorption

Permeability of the air

At least five baby-friendly colour selections are available.

A removable visor is included.


As a bicycle cap, it’s useless.

How to Choice the Most Suitable Crawling Baby Safety Helmets

It’s essential to know the correct baby safety helmets for your little one. If you choose a poor-quality product, they may not be able to wear it and use their head as intended, which can lead them into dangerous situations such as falling down stairs or off, the furniture because of how loose these types of helmets are around babies’ heads when worn commonly.

Here we offer some tips on how to find which one will be best suited just for your little one:

The Baby Safety Helmet’s Fit and Overall Comfort

If you have a small crawler for their age, it’s essential to find a fitting helmet. If they don’t feel comfortable when wearing it or if your baby doesn’t want anything near their head.

With what feels like ill-fitting safety gear on them all day long, then no amount of yelling will make up for lousy-quality products!

To measure for a safety helmet, use the same method as adults. Place an empty dish or cup on your baby’s head and take their measured circumference from mid-forehead round to just under 1 inch above the brow line to determine what size they should wear going forward.

Choose a model that can be adjusted to fit your needs

Protect your little one with a protective baby helmet that can grow and fit as they grow. One of the best features of adjustable-fit kid’s helmets such as these is you get to use them down the road, saving money!

Chin Straps are pretty beneficial

A good-quality chin strap is an important safety feature of any helmet. They help ensure the child’s head will stay securely fastened, even if they fall from a high place like their dresser or crib!

Examine the Helmet’s Material

Soft, sponge-like material is used to construct baby safety helmets. This soft spongy material prevents bruises and bumps for crawlers typically wearing it during playtime or when they crawl on their belly.

Additionally, these infants don’t scratch walls or furniture with this silicone protective headgear because of how well-made everything seems, from construction quality to materials!

Choose colours and patterns that are friendly for babies

According to a colour psychology study, colours have a substantial impact on people’s behaviour. I’ve caught my hubby ogling women in red-fitting dresses on occasion, haha.

Of course, he denied it every time, but we both knew the truth. OK, I still adore him. Yes, I do. For some reason, men find women dressed in red more appealing than women dressed in other hues, according to studies. I have a lot of red dresses, skirts, and pants because I enjoy feeling attractive and beautiful.

Weight of the Helmet

Make sure to get baby safety helmets that little heads and necks can quickly wear. The poorest protective children’s helmets put too much pressure on the nerves in the neck.

When this occurs, newborns and toddlers grow irritable when it is time to put on their helmets.

Type of Helmet

While you may want to get a bike helmet for your child, keep in mind that they aren’t the best options for protecting your child’s head from accidents such as falls and seizures.

Bike helmets are attractive and comfortable, but they lack enough covering on the sides and rear of the head.

Bike helmets also provide limited facial protection when it comes to forward falls. Furthermore, if not correctly fitted, bike infant safety helmets tend to move a little too much.

Moreover, these kinds of children’s helmets aren’t the sturdiest. They don’t stand up well to repeated heavy falls and are prone to cracking.

Football helmets provide enough protection for the head, but they are sometimes overly bulky and uncomfortable.

Boxing helmets, on the other hand, are pretty comfortable due to their soft leather construction. Boxing helmets, on the other hand, provide only rudimentary protection and inadequate ventilation.

Baseball batting infant helmets are the same way. These have a loose fit and usually don’t have chin straps. That is, they do not guarantee that they will stay on the baby’s head if they fall hard.

FAQs of Baby Safety Helmets

What Can I Do to Prevent My Baby from Crawling?

The most excellent approach to prevent your infant from any crawling-related catastrophes is to childproof your house.

To protect yourself from sharp corners, use cushioning or guards. It also helps if they are wearing a soft, protective toddler helmet.

What Are the Most Common Causes of Child Mortality?

According to one study (the ALSPAC study) published in BMJ Journals, mattresses and couches account for 53 per cent of all infant falls.

And babies falling off caregivers’ hands account for 12% of all falls. Falls in PR eMobile babies are relatively common, although they seldom result in injury.

How Can I Keep My Baby from Falling Down the Stairs?

When it comes to avoiding infant falls stairways, the ideal strategy is to install safety gates at the bottom and top of the stairwell.

Large toys should not be placed between these two gates since they can be used by a newborn to climb over the gate and fall over. Also, make sure the gate at the top of the stairwell does not swing out.

Conclusion – Baby Safety Helmets

In conclusion, the 8 best baby safety helmets and head protectors for crawling are as follows. The list includes a variety of price ranges and styles with all sorts of features to ensure that you find the perfect fit for your little one’s needs.

We hope that this article has been a helpful guide for you. With safety being of utmost importance, it’s essential to take the time and do your due diligence when choosing from any type of baby safety product. Be sure to research what is best suited for your unique needs so as not to regret your decision later down the line!


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